Thierry Pauwels

Associate Partner in charge of People Management

Thierry is an Associate Partner who is responsible for Human Resources Management and Operations. He is responsible for building a strategic Risk Dynamics ‘culture’ operating model at individual, project and company- levels. Since the acquisition of Risk Dynamics by McKinsey, he has lead this transition on all people management aspects.

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Experts Background

With 20 years of experience, Thierry has worked for major consulting firms.

Over the past 11 years within Risk Dynamics and since February 2016 within McKinsey & Company, he has focused on managing large portfolios of model validation projects and on providing advisory on model validation governance, on operational risks frameworks, and on non-financial risks & franchise capital management, both in banking and insurance. He is the key contact for Southern Europe. 

As Associate Partner in charge of Human Resources Management and Operations, he historically built the Risk Dynamics operating model in terms of culture at individual-, project-, and company- levels, in line with strategy. Since the acquisition, he drives the transition on all people management aspects.

He has a Master's degree in Bio-Engineering and a certificate in Risk Management. Thierry is also a volunteer and top leader within a 1000+ member’s field hockey club.

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Brussels, Belgium


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