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You are free to design your own career following different paths



Following the expert career path, consultants are coached to become ‘the’ technical reference within their market and their sector. The support our experts receive is exceptionally broad and ranges from internal training to intensive coaching over external courses and seminars. Most importantly, they are continuously challenged to learn by working on complex client missions.




When following the manager path, consultants are thought how to mentor teams, to show leadership and to build sustainable client relationships. By following a personal development plan which is created as of the start of a career, Consultants become strong Managers who act as a strategic Risk Partner for clients and strategic leaders for their teams.

What we Look For

Exceptional people ready for the challenge


Quantitative skills

Our people are highly-skilled in handling data. They are driven by translating data to solutions that have an impact on a clients' business.


Personal Impact

We are looking for people who are creative and can convince others to translate knowledge into practice through innovative methods and approaches.


Problem Solving

Our people are passionate about helping clients and colleagues solve complex risk problems and come up with solutions that have an impact!


Leadership Abilites


We are looking for born leaders, able to lead themselves and others to success.


Your Growth at Risk Dynamics

Because our people are our best asset, we invest in their personal development

Team Work

You'll work in small teams of typically 3 - 6 consultants, playing an active role in all aspects of client engagement, whether you’re a more junior consultant, a manager or an expert in risk management topics. This includes gathering information on and analysing risk models, formulating and testing hypotheses, and developing and communicating recommendations.


Our consultants receive frequent coaching and mentoring from colleagues on their teams. Next to the on-the-job coaching, you will be supported by a senior colleague from Risk Dynamics assigned to you to help guide your career as well as a professional development manager who has a one-on-one developmental conversation with you every six weeks. Additionally, you'll receive guidance and support in the selection of client projects, helping you to develop your skills and build your network.


Risk Dynamics invests heavily in an individualised learning journey for its consultants. These learning journeys are adapted to your specific needs and include technical training (internal and external) in risk model validation and several coding languages, as well as consulting and leadership training in stand-out McKinsey programs. You will receive up to five weeks of formal training in your first two years at Risk Dynamics.


We Want your Success

Get ready for your interviews

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Qualification Round

In the primary stages of the interview process, our recruiters focus on a candidate’s experience and background while also providing information on the remaining steps in the process. This interview is a two-way communication: Risk Dynamics seeks what would make a candidate distinguish themselves from others and the candidate has their first opportunity to learn more about the company.


Technical Round

Since knowledge and expertise is key in our business, a colleague working at senior level business management will then test the candidate’s depth of technical knowledge and understanding. By questioning candidates technically, using cases and examples, our technical interviews are an additional opportunity for candidates to discover what Risk Dynamics is and the valuable community it consists of.


Final Round

In the final stage of your interview process, we invite candidates (in one of our locations) to work on a real-life case which provides them with an insight into what we actually do and what they will be working on. These cases also help us to further evaluate your technical understanding and how you structure information, identify priorities, summarise or formulate conclusions and advice.


Part of us

Once you have signed your contract, your journey begins! We will prepare onboarding for and with you and as of day one, you will be taken through a series of trainings and inductions. A coach will be assigned to help new hires find their way in the organisation. Managers will take the time to start preparing the journeys of our new hires by discussing development plans. Candidates will get all the support they need, while taking ownership of their own development.

  • 01 - Qualification round
  • 02 - Technical round
  • 03 - Final round
  • 04 - Part Of Us

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