Nicolas is an expert in capital and risk modelling and risk management who serves insurance and financial services companies across a range of technical and strategic topics.


Nicolas joined Risk Dynamics in 2017 after 5 years as a capital modeler in the insurance industry. With his deep technical knowledge of risk modelling and risk management, he quickly became the go-to person for model validation and model risk management projects, not only for insurance risk, but also for climate and cyber risk.

Besides technical projects, Nicolas regularly leads teams on strategic initiatives, including risk and capital management transformations. He leads the European Capital Accuracy Service Line for insurance. He has served clients across the UK and Europe, and in Central America.

Nicolas has two advanced degrees in theoretical and mathematical physics - a PhD from the École Polytechnique in Paris, and a master of science from Leuven University in Belgium. He also spent a year at Harvard as a research fellow. Nicolas is a UK qualified actuary. He is a Fellow (the highest level of qualification) of the UK’s Institute and Faculty of Actuaries.