Marie-Paule serves major financial institutions and other companies, specializing in all elements of risk modelling and model risk management. She has most recently focused on helping clients de-risk their operations based on advanced analytics.


Over 15 years, Marie-Paule has served clients spanning Europe, North America and Australia. She advises them on model governance, model risk set-up, and conducting model validations, helping them optimize their model potential and benchmark their performance. She has deep experience in all types of models: risk models (credit, market, underwriting and operational risks) as well as business analytics.

Today, Marie-Paule heads Risk Dynamics’ team of quantitative experts involved in modelling and model risk management in line with European regulations as well as with market best practice.

She is also a Professor of Finance at Université Libre de Bruxelles, and has been published in a number of respected journals. She has a PhD in financial risk management from the Solvay Business School at ULB.