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Marie-Paule Laurent


Marie-Paule is a Partner at Risk Dynamics. She has over 15 years of experience in risk models and (model) risk framework assessments for all types of financial institutions. She has conducted extensive research in risk management field and was published in respected journals and books. 

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Marie-Paule Laurent is an industry expert with vast experience in model risk management for all types of financial institutions. After earning her PhD in Financial Risk Management from the Solvay Business School ULB Belgium, Marie-Paule spent more than a decade gaining a broad range of experience in risk models and frameworks. She has been conducting research in the risk management field and has been published in respected journals and books. She is also Professor of finance at ULB Belgium.

In recent years, Marie-Paule has been supporting large Groups in Europe, North America and Australia, advising them on model governance, model risk set-up and conducting numerous model validations, advising them upon potential optimisation and performing benchmarking. Her experience lies in all risk types (credit, market, underwriting and operational risks). She heads Risk Dynamics’ team of quantitative experts involved in modelling and model risk management in line with European and American regulations as well as with market best practice.

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