Kayvaun serves financial services firms, telecoms, media, technology, and public sector organizations on a broad range of risk-related issues covering operations, data, analytics and digital technology. He is the global leader of McKinsey’s Risk Data and Digital Risk Practices.


Kayvaun, with his digital risk and data transformation teams, has helped clients generate new revenue, reduce risk, and create efficiency. They have accomplished this through large-scale transformations that establish strategies and drive execution, to address regulatory mandates while surpassing competitors with advanced digital risk and data capabilities. Specific areas include automation of stress testing, operations risk, compliance processes (e.g., Bank Secrecy Act/Anti-Money Laundering, and Know your Customer), and credit processes. His teams have designed and implemented data governance, data use cases, and data architecture at a rapid pace, with groundbreaking levels of adoption and impact.

Kayvaun convenes some of the world’s leading forums on digital risk and data transformation. These have included two biannual roundtables on Basel Standard 239, including all GSIBs and most D-SIBs (global and domestic systemically important banks), and annual data summits that attract 300 chief data officers.

He leads preeminent knowledge efforts on these topics, including an annual benchmarking exercise that spans more than 100 institutions globally. Kayvaun speaks regularly at industry forums, publishes, and is quoted in leading journals.