Joaquin works with financial services institutions in the Americas to improve their capital planning, address complex regulatory mandates, and manage their operational risk. He is a leader in McKinsey’s Risk Management Practice, and co-leads the Practice’s Capital and Balance Sheet Management Service Line in North America.


Joaquin has served a number foreign banking organizations operating in the United States, creating readiness programs to help them pass annual regulatory stress tests, including the U.S.’s Comprehensive Capital Analysis and Review (CCAR) and Dodd Frank Stress Test (DFAST). He has advised these institutions on their regulatory response letters, and has supported their interactions with the US Federal Reserve Board by helping them craft content and meeting cadences with Fed teams. He has helped them make required organizational changes to address deficiencies pointed out by the Fed. Some examples:

  • Joaquin led a CCAR/ DFAST multiyear remediation effort for a major universal bank, to comply with Fed regulatory expectations. He supported the bank in writing its regulatory responses, developing remediation plans, and establishing effective program governance. He also led integrations of financial planning and stress testing processes, combining macro-driven and business-driven forecasting methodologies into common processes.
  • He established CCAR documentation strategies for three institutions. He built up their CCAR capabilities, and defined ways for them to clearly describe their stress testing methodologies, internally to senior executives, and to regulators, while maintaining those methodologies’ key technical aspects.

Joaquin holds a master’s degree in engineering from Ecole Superieure d’Electricite in Paris and Universidad Politécnica de Valencia in Spain, a master’s in economics from University Paris XI, and an MBA from Columbia University Business School.