Cindy works with global financial institutions and corporations to create and execute on their strategy, finance, and risk management agendas.


Since joining McKinsey in 1992, Cindy has built extensive experience in helping banks and investing firms address their most complex business challenges, focusing particularly on risk strategy and enterprise risk management.

She has led enterprise risk transformations for multiple banks, covering risk appetite, governance, emerging risks, risk culture, and model management and validation. Cindy has also led multiple efforts on bank capital management and planning across different regulatory regimes, including the US’s Comprehensive Capital Analysis and Review, the UK’s Prudential Regulation Authority, and the European Central Bank. She has also served major banks in Australia, Singapore, and the Middle East. Following the financial crisis, she led McKinsey’s work supporting some of the most significant bank restructuring efforts.

Outside banking, Cindy has supported a variety of corporations on their enterprise risk and governance models, including consumer goods companies, energy companies, and service businesses.

Cindy is a frequent speaker at international conferences on risk, and contributes regularly to McKinsey’s risk publications. Her insights have been featured in The Economist and other prominent publications.

Before joining McKinsey, Cindy was a corporate finance analyst at Goldman Sachs, where she worked on a range of M&A, debt, and equity financing transactions.

She holds an MBA from the Stanford Graduate School of Business, and a bachelor’s degree in economics from Harvard University.