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Expert & Manager Paths

You are free to design your own career following different paths



Following the expert career path, consultants are coached to become ‘the’ technical reference within their market and their sector. The support our experts receive is exceptionally broad and ranges from internal training to intensive coaching over external courses and seminars. Most importantly, they are continuously challenged to learn by working on complex client missions.




When following the manager path, consultants are thought how to mentor teams, to show leadership and to build sustainable client relationships. By following a personal development plan which is created as of the start of a career, Consultants become strong Managers who act as a strategic Risk Partner for clients and strategic leaders for their teams.

Learning and Growth

Professional Development

Risk Dynamics invests heavily in an individualised learning journey for its consultants. These learning journeys are adapted to your specific needs and include technical training (internal and external).

Our consultants receive frequent coaching and mentoring from colleagues on their teams. Next to the on-the-job coaching, you will be supported by a senior colleague from Risk Dynamics assigned to you to help guide your career as well as a professional development manager. 

On a daily basis, you'll work in small teams, playing an active role in all aspects of client engagement, whether you’re a more junior consultant, a manager or an expert in risk management topics. 

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Internship Programs

A unique opportunity to strengthen your knowledge and apply it to real-world problems

Internship Overview

What you get out of it

During the internship you will investigate one of the current industry hot topics. You will learn about the business and regulatory objectives, and gain an understanding of the practical challenges of the validation function. You will have an opportunity to apply your quantitative and qualitative skills acquired during your university studies through designing and implementing relevant analysis, developing codes, summarising your conclusions in a report and presenting the results to a wide group of experts.



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